Authentic storytelling through genuine emotions

with cinematic touch




I am so grateful to have shared and captured some of the most

important days in people’s lives, but have also been able to share

my passion through storytelling


Hello, I'm Mariya, originally from Ukraine and currently based in Chicago. As a documentary photographer, I have a master's degree in Fine Arts, which allows me to perceive the beauty that surrounds us and harness creativity as a powerful tool for creating fresh and unique impressions. With an artistic eye and a passion that emanates from within, I specialize in capturing weddings, elopements, and crafting unforgettable stories through imagery.


Love and art serve as my endless sources of inspiration. I find joy in hiking, dancing, and traveling, always seeking new adventures to document through my lens. It's not just about what I see, but how it makes me feel. If you resonate with this sentiment, then we're likely on the same page.


So, let's start a conversation about anything that comes to mind—there are no limitations to what we can explore together.







Pavel & Karina


We booked Mariya as our wedding photographer because we were highly impressed by the photos on her website. The creativity, uniqueness, and beauty in her work is outstanding. The photoshoot itself was very smooth. Maria told us exactly what to do and how to do it. She was also very kind and easy to work with, resulting in a great experience overall. We received the photos in beautiful packaging very quickly. They were breathtaking to say the least! There was not a single photo that didn’t take my breath away. Our energy, passion, and love radiates of every single picture. We are incredibly satisfied and left with phenomenal photos to remember a really important day of our lives. I highly recommend Mariya for any photoshoot as a I am sure she will do a more than amazing job!

Andok & Diana


Thank you so much for your gorgeous work and absolutely wonderful pictures!!! It was so easy to work with you and ,from first minutes ,we could tell ,that you are true professional and you love what you do! Love the style and love your personality! Thank you ,once again and looking forward to have a few more photo shoots to remember with you!

Rob & Dana


Not only did she capture amazing engagement photos for us, but she some way some how was able to give us breath taking wedding photos that exceeded our expectations. Her work reflects her free spirit, and lovely energy. It is simply full of talent, creativity, and passion to what she does. I couldn’t ask for a better Photographer. I consider us lucky for finding Mariya and letting her capture our special moments in such a way that only few photographers have the talent to do. Thank you Mariya for being part of our special occasions, and for capturing very special memorable moments in our lives in such a way.

I'd love to chat with you and learn your story.

Tell me about yourself , your hobbies, all the things that make your feel alive.