People don’t buy products

They buy brands


What is instagram branding

Branding is aesthetic visual identity for your instagram profile.

Including visual concept, brand session, design grid for instagram


Example of branding for Dentist and coach in Chicago

Visual concept

Brand session

Design grid

Brand session

All business are different, that's why you would need particular type of session.

It could be personal lifestyle photos or business and product.

Product session


for business and brands who offer mostly product


Good for: any type of online shops, Beauty salons, business,

non digital product

Lifestyle session


for experts and personal brand, who offer service


Good for: Couches, trainers, entrepreneurs, doctors, bloggers,

info business, experts in any area

Branding for business & experts

Final look for Social media after branding


Italian restaurant Chicago


Certified Aesthetic Nurse


Handmade candles and home decor


Handmade brand, bracelets for watch


Dentist and Coach


Maison Marcel French bakery


Lash & brow studio in Chicago

An image is worth a thousand words

Photography is more important than ever before in helping brands

to tell their story, and connect with their customers

Before / After

Social media visuals before and after instagram branding

Move to the side yellow stripe to see results

Brand photography

More Brand photography


Visual concept is base for your brand. it's a hook for potential clients, who is passing by. While you can't judge a book by its cover, the visual representation of your business does impact your customer outreach. Many businesses engage with social media with disorganized posts that fail to distinguish their business and give it a tangible identity.  


  • Personal brand strategy in PDF
  • 7-10 days

One time purchase with lifetime value.



Lifestyle or product photo session for visual presentation of your business/service/brand 


For who:

Experts and business to introduce themselves, to update photo content, present product/service, refresh headshots, people who just started own brand and need online presence.



  • Branding session on location according your visual concept.
  • Up to 3 hrs session
  • Design grid for instagram
  • Content for 2-3 months
  • Photos are ready in 3-4 days

Client is responsible for locations and props cost

This package includes different types of photos: headshots, team portraits, workspace, processing, atmospheric shots, product photography, different locations. Content includes everything you need to start or update your branding for online presence. 


For who:

Experts and business who needs to connect with customers, and is integral in launching successful online marketing campaigns. 



  • Branding session on location according your visual concept.
  • Content for 3-4 months
  • Help with plan and logistic
  • Design grid for instagram
  • Photos are ready in 5-7 days

Client is responsible for locations and props cost

Premium package

For who:

For people who dosen't have time take care about organization, to find locations, do shopping, choose right photographer or designer. Premium package saves your time. We are responsible for visual concept for your brand, make plan and logistic, manage brand session, shopping props and materials we need for the session. 

All you need in one package!



  • Visual concept personal PDF
  • Branding session according your visual concept
  • Design grid for instagram
  • Logistic and plan
  • Studio
  • Shopping and find props and material for session
  • Photos are ready in 5-7 days

Client is responsible for props cost


Price starts from $5000 


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About me

Mariya Beylikova, designer & photographer

I’m Ukrainian photographer & designer based in Chicago. I have a master degree in Fine Art and a big experience in branding. I’ve been working with design and photography over 14 years.

I managed and lunched a lot of commercial projects for business and professionals creating a visual branding for them. 


Make yourself into a brand

Have been working all those years I learned the difference between art and commercial photos. To make your brand instagram worthy you should to know trends and create actual content here and now. My team and I help create and tell your brand’s stylish story and can be there every step of the way, from creating visual concept to brand photoshoots and shopping props.


I Love what I do

I am esthetic lover and never stop learning trends and marketing because i am passionate about it. I know how important to discover powerful advantages of your business and make a strong visual brand from it. Results of my work get me excited, so i would love to help you to take your brands to the next level.

Kind words

Eugenia Kazan


Genius!!! Can’t get enough of my super professional and gorgeous photos!!! Thank you brilliant photographer and person!!!!

Eugenia Kolosova

Owner Emerald lashes

Mariya did an amazing job, the brand strategy was implemented on a brief with gorgeous ideas that clearly approached the target audience. After we determined with color and styling, we did a brand photo shoot. During the shooting Mariya approached the case very creatively, constantly offering fresh and interesting ideas. In short, the shooting went according to plan and easily. Mariya developed a wonderful strategy and made it a reality. As result, my Instagram has become more presentable and selling to my audience.


Hand made brand Mareevo

Best experience ever!!! Mariya is super attentive and detail oriented!!! Very responsive and helpful, passionate and patient. She knows what she is doing and she is very inspiring ???? The whole process was an unbelievable journey! Thank you so much!!!! Already want to do more new projects with Mariya!!!

I'd love to chat with you more about your brand.

Tell me about yourself , your goals and business you have.