Woman Therapy

Undress your beauty

Social project to remind ourselves that we are beautiful and desirable

no matter what happens.

Gallery with beautiful Women

How Woman Therapy works

and why it's important.

Why do I talk about phototherapy like it’s something important and useful?

Photos helps us to see different conditions from shyness in the beginning fo session to confidence in the end. It's opportunity to live in the moment, here and now, get rid of stereotypes, anxieties, let go away your fears of not being perfection. It's right place to play any role you always wanted but never allowed yourself do it.

We are the whole world of natural beauty without "it's right or not right". We are alive, unique and beautiful in our own way. Individual session is more than just fun, it's THERAPY and way to learn conditions, expectations and determine our changes. It's right path to self-knowledge and self-acceptance.


There is no one like you in the World!

My personal story


I have experienced a complicated season in my life, and I have been thinking about myself as well as others who have gone through the same situation. I face many fears and anxieties like anyone else in difficulty—I want to know how to deal with this and how to find my inner balance, confidence and happiness. I started visiting with my Therapist, which I found to be immensely helpful, therefore I also want to help you or your friend to get over stress, insecurities and fears.


There is a big difference between being a woman and feeling like a woman. I experienced dissatisfaction, unhappiness and undesirable myself. I didn’t like myself in the mirror. I know you can’t feel yourself a woman without admiring your physical appearance.


There are many ways to bring yourself up, like, go to a therapist, spa, flirt with someone, travel, but it just holds us in a good mood temporary and we are going back to our insecurities, anxieties and fears again. We can complain about our legs, skin, extra weight or curve nose or we can accept ourselves and stop thinking i am not perfect or compare yourself to others.

All this made me realized one of the visual proof you are beautiful is photo sessions.

And i practice photography over 13 years, i definitely want to help you discover your potential. Because in helping others you help yourself. 

Therapy packages

You have a choice to try therapy in different ways.


Light version and first step of new experience and

right path of self-acceptance.

You are going to work on your fears, anxieties and will go out of your comfort zone.


How it works:

  • I would love to know WHY you want to have a therapy to better understand you
  • Book spot with me
  • I have a permission to publish photos

What you get:

  • Artistic photo session therapy 
  • Online gallery
  • Experience of being different, confident and opportunity to play any role you always wanted.
  • Ideas and suggested locations
  • Choice of Studio or outside locations

A little effort gives us a big change!


Investment - $750

Just find a hour for yourself


Maximum pleasure and treatment yourself like a Queen 

You are going to step out from your comfort zone and 

Feel yourself a Hollywood star


How it works:


You have Psychology session with Therapist before photo session to have some tips how to open yourself. After you experience therapy session with me to practice your self-love.


What you get:

  • Psychology session with Therapist 
  • Artistic Photo session therapy
  • Studio or other locations
  • 30+ edited pictures
  • Online gallery
  • No waiting list, you get a primary spot
  • Unforgettable Experience and self-love
  • Ideas on me!

There is no one like you in the World!


Investment - $1300

Be a queen of your life!

Waiting list

I am getting a lot of requests for therapy

that's why  i will hold a spot for you in wish list

Women talk afterwords

Mila @iluvtamila

Sometimes it terrifies me how long I’ve been so criticizing and not loving towards myself. I’ve spent years focusing on what I didn’t like instead of accepting myself for who I am and what I’ve accomplished. It is okay not liking something about the body and it is okay to want to change things, but it is not okay being focused on the hate. Transitioning to a better version is a great act of self-love, but paying attention to what is good about now is even greater. I saw myself from new perspective - fearless, wanted and loved. I felt like a woman I was on the inside but didn’t let her out. I can’t change past, I only can enjoy myself now and build a better ground for future. Thank you Mariya for this incredible experience. 

Alexandra @sasha_omnom

My therapist had told me that I haven’t achieved my full potential as a woman. And I totally agree. Now I’m learning to get in touch with and embrace my feminine side. I enjoy accepting the fact that I’m, first of all, a woman, not a mom, and being proud of it. @artbelkaphotography did a great job showing off how sexy, strong and beautiful I am.

Yuliia @ukrainiangirlyuliia

I was looking at myself in the mirror and it always was something that I didn't like: arms, abdomen or weight in general. But now I love it. I realized that being grateful to my body, accept my body is a key to giving more love to myself. I became more confident about myself.
Those pictures showed me how beautiful I am, sexy and powerful. Thank you Mariya for this treatment! It was easy and comfortable work with you!

You can see reels and video how was it woman

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