Nico and Jacquelyn Capitanini. Romantic elegance of Italy with the lively festivities of Greece

This wedding was a truly unique and vibrant celebration for lovely couple Nico and Jacquelyn Capitanini.


A fantastic way to blend Italian and Greek vibes seamlessly at the Valley Lo Club. Venue was decorated with olive branches, lemons evokes the charming ambiance of Italy, while the incorporation of blue and white ceramics along with Greek patterns brings a touch of Greece's distinctive aesthetic.


This style created a visually captivating and culturally rich atmosphere that pays homage to both traditions. In my opinion It's a thoughtful and creative way to infuse the wedding celebration with the essence of both cultures.


The bride radiated elegance and beauty in her exquisite dress adorned with a charming bow on the back, while the groom exuded confidence and looked truly amazing. Talented Nico knows everything about homemade pasta and sharing his passion at Eat and Drink. Together, they made a stunning and cute couple, embodying the essence of their special day.


I simply enjoyed and felt honored to be their photographer!


Location: Valley Lo Club


Planner: Courtney Morris
The Simply Elegant Group