Buying service with me you Support Ukraine.
or Venmo your help to @maribelka. I share it with Ukrainian artists.


I share



Sharing my  photo experience with you

makes me happy


I believe it's very important to give. I love feelings when you share something you have experienced and it 's definitely helpful for people. Best way to educate yourself is communication

with people who inspires or have interesting things to say. When we all talk through our camera

we share and learn our feelings and thoughts, we become closer and create powerful and beautiful story .


Mentorship | You & Me | $850

This is all about you. It's about 3 hr mentorship. Ask me all questions you have in mind. We can go over everything - your fears, concerns, dialing in your editing, how to take the next step in your work. How to stand out from others photographers. We will practice together with cameras. I'm here for you.


Before we start i would love to see your work and hear your thoughts to understand who you are.


Class In-Person.


Message me

All we need is LOVE and some good LIGHT

Whatever you want to do, let's make it memorable!

I'd love to chat with you more about individual education.

Tell me about yourself , your goals and things that touch your soul.